🗞️ AEC/tech Newsletter #19

👋🏼 Hi there! The AEC/tech Newsletter supplements the TRXL Podcast to fill in the details of what’s happening in the AEC/tech landscape. Happy reading.

This week's headlines:

AVAIL releases Project Navigator for Revit

AVAIL has released Project Navigator for Revit, which extends Revit's native project browser to help users navigate complex projects. The new features include search and filtering capabilities, an Instance Navigator, and quick access to AVAIL's content library which also boasts the new Channel Groups feature. Read more

AI in architectural education and practice

Architect Carlos Banon discusses the potential of AI in architecture, highlighting the need for proper training and incorporating AI techniques while preserving foundational knowledge. Read more

Snaptrude shows v2 features

Snaptrude's upcoming version of their collaborative BIM platform offers dynamic curve modeling, easy access to BIM tools, smart layout tools, and comprehensive data management. Read more

3d Modeling in Rhino on an iPad

In a new video posted online, the TestFlight beta version of iRhino3D on iOS shows modeling tools like curves, surfaces, solids, Push/Pull, object snaps, grid snap, and more. The app is turning into something much more than the viewer it once was. Read more

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126: ‘Be the Rock Star of Your Industry’, with Carey Balogh and Lauren Genest
A conversation with Carey Balogh and Lauren Genest of Brand Groupies.
Carey Balogh and Lauren Genest of Brand Groupies join the podcast to talk about their unique SOPR approach, which combines social media and PR to fuel brand recognition, storytelling, and personality-driven strategy, their background in fashion, and how looking at AEC through that lens informs their strategy. 
127: ‘Accelerating Offsite Construction’, with Radu Gidei
A conversation with Radu Gidei.
Radu Gidei of KOPE joins the podcast to talk about their compay's vision to provide a software platform for designers, builders, and manufacturers to transition from design to construction using prefabricated products for the offsite construction market.