AI in architectural education and practice

In an article at Parametric Architecture, Architect Carlos Banon discusses the potential of AI in architecture, both from an educational standpoint and as it relates to the future of the profession.

From what I've heard, AI image generation is being used a lot in school.


“In the end, just as before, we must focus on educating the new generation of students and young professionals on how to appropriately incorporate this new technology in an architectural context. Architectural values have roots in centuries of history, and most of those principles remain relevant.” and added, “AI will supercharge our students with creative power, bringing lots of design alternatives at rapid speeds. However, they need proper training, and this newfound pace and abundance must not supplant our commitment to the foundational principles of architecture.”


“The architectural employment landscape is heading to a transformative rupture, embodying a classic double-edged sword scenario. On the one hand, I would say that most architects trapped in the quicksand of monotonous tasks—particularly those ensconced in the bigger firms—are walking on precarious ground.” He acknowledges that routine tasks within architecture, especially in larger firms, are susceptible to being automated by AI due to their predictable nature. He continued, “they are prime candidates for replacement by AI, capable of executing predictable assignments with unprecedented speed and zero learning curve.”
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