AVAIL releases Project Navigator for Revit


Introducing Project Navigator, a powerful new feature of AVAIL for Revit that extends Revit’s native project browser to help you navigate the dense information you are forced to endure as your projects grow. Don’t wait for Revit 2024 to take advantage of advanced search capabilities!
Project Navigator provides you with new search and filtering capabilities, an Instance Navigator that pinpoints the exact element you need in the project, and, of course, quick access to extending your searches to AVAIL to find the exact content you need!

It’s appropriate that AVAIL’s tagline is “the information you need, faster”. I like to think of this new release as them delivering some ice water to what is a typical information-overloaded hellscape of a modern building information model.

You know what I’m talking about. Models are only getting more complex.

So how do users of all skill levels find and filter elements in Revit when there are literally thousands of them? Watch the video on this page to get an idea of the new features AVAIL is introducing to help solve this problem and get some of your time back.

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