Link: Create a Realtime Walkthrough of your Revit Project with Autodesk Showcase by Evan Troxel

I recently made a tutorial over on the Novedge blog on how to take your slow, chunky architectural Revit model and get it smooth and beautiful for a realtime presentation in Autodesk Showcase that'll make your client ooh and ahh. What's Showcase? Check out the tutorial to find out. I think you'll like it, and you might already have it on your computer if you have a Revit subscription through Autodesk.

Link: FormZ for Architects Webinar by Evan Troxel

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I've been doing a ton of 3d modeling and rendering work in FormZ since 1994, but especially in the last few years starting again with the beta testing of version 7. It's by far my favorite 3d tool.

I'm happy to announce that I'll be hosting a live webinar for Novedge showing off some cool stuff in the latest version of FormZ on March 26th at 11am.

There are specific tools included in formZ 7 that make it a very smart tool for conceptual architectural modeling. Parametric tools that are specific to architecture include walls, stairs and more. Other helpful things like working with a combination of solids and surfaces, booleans and NURBS, 2D drawing layout abilities and several 3D rendering types make it a production powerhouse.


If you're interested in this kind of stuff and want to see it in action, I hope you will join me. The whole thing will go for about an hour. There will be a live question and answer immediately following the presentation. The video will be posted afterwards as well, so if you can't make it you'll still be able to see it. 

Click here to learn more, and to register for the event

✱ How to Succeed in Architecture: Project Architects Best Practices by Evan Troxel

If you missed the Novedge Google Hangout about Project Architect's Best Practices from the other day, here's the video. It was a fun hangout and it was great hearing what other people in the profession find is effective for managing projects when working in larger teams, especially now that our work is getting more and more distributed between offices and even continents. 

I'd love to hear your best practices if you have something to add.

How to Succeed in Architecture: Project Architects' Best Practices

What it's About:

The role of a Project Architect is that of master communicator, team leader and designer. Coordinating the needs of many different professionals and often interfacing with clients directly, this role requires attention to details, the ability to multitask, and lots of patience.

Link: I'll be on the Novedge Google Hangout Next Week Talking About Architect's Best Practices by Evan Troxel

Next Tuesday I'll be presenting on a Google+ Hangout hosted by Novedge called "How to Succeed in Architecture: Project Architects' Best Practices." The event page can be found here, and it starts at 11am PDT on the 17th. If you have a chance to participate, you should.

Novedge is proactively creating a place for people who are already in the architectural industry to share their experiences and for those interested in finding out what it's all about and I think it's great. They are doing what architects themselves should be.

It's also a great time to ask questions and be part of the discussion. Aurora, who runs the hangout, is much more interested in what the people attending want to know rather than stick to the prescribed set of questions. She does a great job of getting your questions out into the discussion.

I hope to see you there. Come say hi! 

What it's About:

The role of a Project Architect is that of master communicator, team leader and designer. Coordinating the needs of many different professionals and often interfacing with clients directly, this role requires attention to details, the ability to multitask, and lots of patience.

In this episode of How to Succeed in Architecture, we will hear from Architects who fulfill this role at EDG Interior Architecture + Design, Handel Architects and HMC Architects. They will share their advice on how to best move a project along, interact with people and keep their cool under pressure.

Join me on a Google+ Hangout on Architectural Presentations by Evan Troxel

Novedge is hosting a Google+ Hangout on Wednesday, October 9th at 11am as part of their "How to Succeed in Architecture" series and I'll be one of the people presenting. You can RSVP on this page and join us. The whole thing will be streamed live on YouTube as well.

What it's about: 

Presenting your ideas to a prospective client is a crucial step towards gaining new business. In this episode of our Architecture Hangout Series, we will talk to three architects about their different approaches to pitching projects to new and current clients. From using an iPad, to creating renderings and 3D printed models, join us to learn how to be more effective in your interactions.

I'll be presenting some new ideas I'm exploring for upcoming presentations including augmented reality, 3d printing and realtime 3d visualization. I'm not the only presenter either - there's Marica McKeel and Emily Bello as well, so I'm hoping to pick up on their tips as well.

If you want to be more powerful and effective in your presentations, join us to learn new tips and techniques to better express your ideas and connect with your clients.


Link: By Architects for Architects: Novedge's 10 Favorite Online Resources by Evan Troxel

Both this blog (the one you're reading right now) and another project of mine, the Archispeak podcast were featured in Novedge's latest blog post as a couple of their favorite online resources. I am honored to be in such great company. There were some new ones to me on the list as well. I can't wait to dig in.  


If you have been following Novedge on social media, you know we are big fans of architecture and design. I have had the pleasure to interview and talk personally with some of the best architects who are helping others succeed by sharing their knowledge online. If you are looking for new reading material, want to learn best practices or find inspiration, I highly recommend subscribing to the following blogs and channels by architects, for architects.

Connecting the dots on the internet is one of the real reasons blogs like theirs are such useful tools. They are doing a great service to our architectural community of readers and information seekers by putting together these lists. The Novedge blog is truly a hub of information, and the value they provide makes it worth your time and attention to follow them.

My thanks to Novedge for their support! 


Novedge Interviewed Me by Evan Troxel

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Novedge is an online reseller and resource for digital designers that specialize in tools for designing the future. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Aurora Meneghello for their blog. I talked about what I do in my profession, my photography, my videos on my digital training website, why I podcast, and some thoughts about being an educator among other things.

There are lots of other great articles on their blog too, so spend some time there checking it out. I particularly like the one about Marica McKeel's architectural practice and the article on Matthew Shlian on how he uses digital tools to make his amazing folded paper projects.