Link: I'll be on the Novedge Google Hangout Next Week Talking About Architect's Best Practices

Next Tuesday I'll be presenting on a Google+ Hangout hosted by Novedge called "How to Succeed in Architecture: Project Architects' Best Practices." The event page can be found here, and it starts at 11am PDT on the 17th. If you have a chance to participate, you should.

Novedge is proactively creating a place for people who are already in the architectural industry to share their experiences and for those interested in finding out what it's all about and I think it's great. They are doing what architects themselves should be.

It's also a great time to ask questions and be part of the discussion. Aurora, who runs the hangout, is much more interested in what the people attending want to know rather than stick to the prescribed set of questions. She does a great job of getting your questions out into the discussion.

I hope to see you there. Come say hi!

What it's About:

The role of a Project Architect is that of master communicator, team leader and designer. Coordinating the needs of many different professionals and often interfacing with clients directly, this role requires attention to details, the ability to multitask, and lots of patience.

In this episode of How to Succeed in Architecture, we will hear from Architects who fulfill this role at EDG Interior Architecture + Design, Handel Architects and HMC Architects. They will share their advice on how to best move a project along, interact with people and keep their cool under pressure.