Link: "Everything I know about business in one minute."


Here is some great advice for business and for life. It's a quick summary from a one minute long presentation by Bill Drenttel, but you should go to Michael Bierut's site and read the story behind the message because he has some great observations about the man and his text. Bill sounded like an amazing guy.

These are the ten things he said:

  • Focusing on making a partnership work is more profitable than focusing on making money.
  • Love your employees more than you love your clients.
  • The best new business is your current business.
  • Price projects by asking yourself what the client's lawyer would charge.
  • It's better to be hired for your work than for your price.
  • When it comes to getting paid, the first of the month is better than the thirtieth.
  • Making money off mechanicals, printing and computers turns your business into a commodity.
  • The books in your library are more important than the numbers on your balance sheet.
  • In order to love your work, take vacations.
  • Power, in business, comes from sharing money and valuing love.

Summary: Love > Business