The New Apple II User's Guide

Did you know you can get a brand new user manual for the Apple ][e published in 2012? I skimmed Chapter 3 : Beginning Basic (PDF). It brought back memories of my first go at making things on computers back in the fourth grade.

David Finnigan has written a modern day companion to the iconic Apple:

Written for everyone, The New Apple II User’s Guide covers the basics of the Apple, how to identify what model you have, the peripherals, and how to set up your system. The meat of the book then focuses on programming in BASIC. Learn how to use the text and graphics modes, the printer, and the disk system.

We had a ][e and it was the coolest thing ever until I saw my friends ][gs. I later bought a Commodore 64 in the fifth grade at the local Toys"R"Us with my allowance money. The 5 1/2" floppy disk drive was the size of a toaster oven. I also remember going to a NewEgg and seeing a Commodore 128 and an Amiga. It was amazing. I'm totally nerding out here.

My dad is so awesome for getting in on this stuff so early.

Via John Carmack