Veras AI rendering app updated

EvolveLab has released an update to Veras, their AI rendering app, that allows designers to render (or re-render) a region of their image. So if you’ve already gotten something acceptable for the majority of your image, this is a useful and time-saving technique for only affecting a smaller portion of the overall composition, using natural language prompting to describe the updates you want to see realized.

Think of it as Photoshop's new generative fill directly in your renderer.

Bill Allen writing at LinkedIn:

Select a portion of your image in our new "Refine Mode", redefine your vision with a new prompt, and hit render. Whether you're an interior designer looking to swap out furniture, a visualization artist wanting to transform backgrounds, or an architect focused on refining a building façade, Veras empowers you to make real-time adjustments with unparalleled precision.

See it in action, read the release notes, and download the update here.

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