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Join architect Evan Troxel as we explore important topics surrounding the co-evolution of architecture and technology.

Unscripted, long-form conversations—with industry giants—where you are in the room.

Guests from the architectural community and beyond have conversations with Evan about the influence digital transformation is having on the profession with long digressions on leadership, change management, knowledge transfer, where all this may lead to in the future of the building industry, and more.

Real conversations with real people

Photos with guests who attended Autodesk University 2023 - see them all here

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An Independent Podcast

👋 Hi, I’m your host, Evan Troxel. It’s just me here—no big company or investors. I do the booking, writing, recording, editing, producing, marketing, and promotion.

It's my goal to grow this resource and add even more value to the building industry.

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Notable Guests

A small sampling of AEC industry giants that have been guests on the podcast.

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Ian Keough, Founder and CEO of Hypar:

We benefit hugely from Evan being a kind of a megaphone for this stuff in the industry. The number of people that have told me “I've listened to you on the TRXL podcast, it's incredible.” So please keep doing what you're doing.

Lynda Thompson:

Evan's podcast helps me bridge the gap between needing to know about tech in AEC, but not needing to be an expert. He manages to be intellectual and informative without alienating. With his quote "I'm not just a technology champion, I just want us [the architecture profession] to make progress" he champions the issues I feel so strongly about.

John Manoochehri, founder of Treasury and host of Futureperfect Talks:

There's only really one conversation that matters when it comes to the co-evolution of architecture and technology: that's Evan Troxel's TRXL podcast. He speaks to architects, designers, writers and technologists as a fellow practitioner—but also as a confidant and sounding board. This means evolution in daily workflows, all the big turning wheels of epochal change—and the personal narratives linking them—are revealed. There's nothing else like it, and it's essential.

Paul O’Carroll, founder of Arcol:

Evan's podcast continues to be my go-to for any and all AEC-related news/information. Evan has a way to both pick the perfect time to interject into a conversation and use his years of experience in the sector to push the conversation along, while also knowing when to just let the person talk. The quality of guests has always been top par. He's the "Joe Rogan of AEC."

Johan Hanegraaf, Co-founder of Arkio:

Your podcasts and guests are among the top of our industry globally and it's been an absolute joy to listen to them.

Other fun facts

Why does this podcast exist?

  • Each episode is simply meant to be an open conversation with the opportunity to go anywhere (just like real, unrecorded convo’s) with people who are passionate about the future of the architectural profession and the building industry.
  • The conversations are recorded and then memorialized on the internet for others to experience. Listeners get to be a fly on the wall. As one listener put it, “I felt like I was in the room.”

What is the title of the show?

  • Troxel’s last name without the vowels.
  • Pronunciation: träksəl; or phonetically: troksl


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