Hi, I'm Evan Troxel

I am a licensed architect in the state of California, author, designer, educator, podcaster, musician, artist, husband and father. I’ve always been very curious, am an early adopter, and am pretty good at connecting the dots. I am happiest in my workshop making things or being outdoors on an adventure. I share everything I know.

My work in the profession of architecture is in higher education, private and public K-12 schools, civic, commercial and residential projects. It's my passion. I believe that architecture can make our lives better. I also believe in being a well-rounded designer (not a Capital 'D' Designer - there's a difference) that solves problems through the process of design. I have much more interest in solving a client's problems during the planning of a building than what it looks like from the outside. I have too many interests to pick a specialty.

From an early age I was encouraged to do two things that led me to decide to become an architect. The first was to always seek new experiences. Our family traveled a lot, and always found something new which helped us all gain a bigger perspective. The second was that I was encouraged to solve problems using a hands-on approach. I’m sure it’s why I still love being in my workshop so much. Thinking back, I’ve always been very curious and hands-on. I took apart and reassembled just about anything I could grab hold of. These are traits I rely on to get out of my comfort zone and always continue learning new things.  

I have taught previously at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and Mt. San Antonio Community College in their architecture departments focusing on digital design skills and the integration of digital and analog design in the studio environment. I continue to teach, but instead of doing it at a school, I've opened my own online courses over at Method Digital Training. More on that in a bit. I continue to stay involved at the local architecture schools on design review jury's. 

You can see examples of my work on this site including architecture, photography, art, fabrication, music, and writing among other things. I love doing all kinds of projects and define myself as a renaissance man. Like I said, I have many interests.

Sure, I do other things too besides work. I like riding my mountain bike, rock climbing, snowboarding, welding, woodworking, making music, playing with my kids, cooking, gardening, and traveling. I am happiest either outdoors or in my studio/workshop making things.




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But wait, there's more...

Archispeak Podcast

I cohost a podcast with a couple of friends that I met on Twitter. The show is called Archispeak, and you can find more information at the show's website. We're having a lot of fun looking behind the veil of what really happens in the architectural profession. We share our experiences, try to give everyone an idea of what it's really like to work in the field, and show why we are passionate about our chosen profession.

You can also subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts.

Method Training

Besides this site, I also have a tutorial website called Method (this is the educator part) where I share everything I am continually learning about digital design. It's a great place for other architectural designers to learn without a speed limit and become worth more to themselves, their clients, their businesses and the industry. 

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Spaceshop is the name of my studio and workshop. It's where I do design and fabrication projects. The first endeavor is my soulcraft project: a camping trailer designed for my family. You can follow along the blog as I make progress on it. 

Contact me

If you'd like to get in touch with me, feel free to drop me a line anytime by sending me a message either here or on twitter.

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