Procreating a Dream-scape

There is no better drawing app on iPad than Procreate, and now they are taking to the next level. And they say this is only the beginning of their next chapter.

Enter Procreate Dreams, available for $20 on November 22nd.

Procreate Dreams is an all-new animation app packed with powerful tools that anyone can use. Create engaging hand-drawn animations, motion graphics and enhance them with photos, videos and sound.

Features include realtime rendering, a revolutionary multi-touch timeline, interactive animation tools, 4k native, voiceover and sound effects, a new file format, and lots more.


Procreate Dreams is packed with everything you need to bring your art and stories to life, and this is only the beginning.
Art is for everyone. Procreate Dreams is set to welcome a whole new generation of creators.

What a business model. Create the best drawing app, charge a one-time fee for it (I think I paid $10 for it 6 years ago?) and sell the pants off it. Then take that money and develop a best-in-class 2d animation app building on what you learned. And then do it again.

While so many companies are clamoring for ways to get us to subscribe for generating recurring revenue, Procreate, McNeel, and others are proving that the pay-once method is still alive and well, and profitable.

I don't even do 2d animation and I will happily hand over $20 for this app to not only play with it, but also to support their amazing work so they continue to do more of it.

Check out the new site here.

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