Confluence podcast S2E1

Confluence podcast S2E1

Bringing AI to the Synthesis Intranet Platform

The first episode of Season 2 of the Confluence podcast is now live! Chris Parsons of Knowledge Architecture comes back on the Confluence podcast to discuss bringing AI to their Synthesis intranet platform.

He takes us behind the scenes showing various functionalities including activity streams, document libraries, and project directories, with a focus on the upcoming integration of AI into Synthesis’ search and video transcriptions.

Chris also shows advancements in next-generation search, vector search, and future LMS capabilities. We also explore AI's impact on firm-wide knowledge capture, improved search relevance, and the creation of AEC-specific models through what Knowledge Architecture calls “Community AI”.

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Confluence S2E1 - Bringing AI to the Synthesis Intranet Platform
Christopher Parsons of Knowledge Architecture joins the show to talk about In this episode of the Confluence podcast, Chris Parsons of Knowledge Architecture…

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