✱ It's Their Story by Evan Troxel

This is my third post in the ArchiTalks series where a bunch of internet friends in the online architecture world write an article and post about the same topic on the same day. We most definitely don’t write about the same things however. We’re given a topic capable of a wide range of interpretation which gives a lot of variation in the posts by all who are participating. Bob Borson over at Life of an Architect started this whole thing and it seems to be going well, so we're continuing to do it. Click through to read the whole article.

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Video: You Are Not A Storyteller by Evan Troxel

I have some issues with this but it's another way to look at the "storytelling" as it pertains to designers and architecture. I think it's undeniable that a lot of our clients want to be part of a story that we can help create about them and their endeavor. While we can facilitate the creation of a story where they become the main players, we are architects first and foremost. Storytelling can become a vehicle for our clients to present their project to future visitors and help make the difference between it being a building and it being architecture. There is a difference, and something as simple as a story can help make it.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do by Evan Troxel

Ira Glass on Storytelling

I have never experienced someone who can be so succinct, where every word they've strung together into one cohesive thought rolls off the top of their head so easily, and seemingly unrehearsed like Ira Glass. He is a true professional, and is giving some insight into how he got to where he is in this video. This piece is so perfect that every word included had to be there for it to make sense and connect.

You might want to watch it a couple of times.