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✱ New Project Parti Diagram by Evan Troxel

I thought I'd share a parti diagram (this link is great by the way) for a new project I'm working on. We'll use this as a guide for future design decisions - it's basically the 'big idea'. As we start to get into the campus, referring back to this will keep us in check to make sure we continue along this path of design intent. Unless of course everything changes. In that case, we call that a LGSO - Looks Good, Start Over. It happens more often than you'd think.

As you can see, the diagram covers a lot of area. Here's a closer look at our site:

✱ Construction Update - Poly High School by Evan Troxel

Here is a construction photo I made today and the comparative rendering of a similar view of the entry to a new aquatic complex at Riverside Polytechnic High School in southern California.

You can see how far along the project is so far. It's turning out beautifully.The cantilevered roof covers a ticket and concession room (which isn't built yet), locker rooms (on the right side), and the pool pump equipment is housed in the left-hand building.

I didn't tweak the image at all, and was stretched up over a construction fence to get the shot, so I'm happy with how close they came out.

© 2012 Evan Troxel

© 2011 HMC Architects

✱ Riverside Long Night of Arts and Innovation at RAM by Evan Troxel

I'll be giving three presentations at the Riverside Arts Museum (RAM) on the night of October 4th. Come say hi and maybe learn a thing or two:

The goal of the City's Long Night of Arts and Innovation (LNAI) is to showcase the city's accomplishments in the arts and sciences to its residents, build pride in the city, and encourage youth to seek careers in science, technology, engineering, and the arts.
Join us at RAM for our LNAI and Julia Morgan Opening Reception programming.

Architecture in 3D

An architectural designer from HMC Architects (that's me) will take you through the process of creating a building over the course of the evening. From hand sketch to layout, 3D model to final rendering, you will experience what happens behind the scenes in a modern architectural office.

I'll be on stage between 8pm and 10pm. I hope to see you there.

The Design of the iPhone 5 by Evan Troxel

Watch the video on how they made the iPhone 5. It's just amazing. It truly shows the lengths a team and company will go to for excellence. All in, is there another piece of technology that even comes close to this thing? Thanks for showing us a little bit of what happens behind the curtain at Apple.

But did you notice that Jony didn't say the design was based on pebbles or water flowing in a stream? Yeah, me too.

✱ Evolution of a Design by Evan Troxel

Sometimes the evolution of a particular design seems to have a mind of its own. Here is a recent example of a project I've been working on that has had many schemes and changes in a very short period of time due to a number of factors. Some changes were made by us, some by a developer, and some by his client. You never know where your constraints are going to come from, or whose opinion will end up shaping the design of a building.

I find it's important to document the process of architecture so we can trace why decisions were made and why we decided to change things. This slideshow shows the design process I've been through over the last few weeks on this particular project.

Visit the slideshow for a breakdown of the process so far.

""Insert Meaningful Design Story Here"" by Evan Troxel

I think they left the "Meaningful Design Story" slide in by mistake, or maybe they're just trying to convince us/the courts that they really have one. Certain colleagues in design school used to talk like this all the time. We have a running joke in our office that goes something like this: 

"My design is based on nature..."

The teachers I respected called those people on their bullshit.

(via Loop Insight)

Library Project Process Images by Evan Troxel

Here are some process images from my HMC library project that some twitter folks were asking for. I was able to find various diagrams and renderings that were created during the process of design. This is a remodel/reuse of an existing building. We didn't add any square footage to the existing footprint, but we did add some height and materiality to the project.

As you can see in the photographs, there was just a box to work with in the beginning. We worked hard to add some life to the shopping center it is located in and give the new library the status it deserves in the community by adding pops of color, lots of natural daylight to the interior, and new materials that will age gracefully over time. The last photo shows the current construction status, and a slight problem. That chimney mass on the left isn't supposed to be yellow!