The unedited Q&A: Apple retail employees respond to NYT’s profile, share life from inside the Apple Store

Apple Retail Employees Respond to NYT's Profile

I've added this to my Instapaper archive for later reading. It'll be interesting to compare this to my own experience. I would say if you are considering working for Apple retail, it is a worthwhile experience. They do so much right, and are a world-class company. All you have to do is pay attention.

I will also say that it's hard to make it a career if it's your only source of income unless you're in upper management. But isn't all retail like that?

Some of these questions include: how has your general Apple retail experience been? Has it improved your life? Do you think that working for Apple in retail will better your future? What are your specific responses to the article’s controversial claims? What are your thoughts on the NYT’s statement about employees making a very small percentage of the amount of money that they actually bring in for Apple?