The New iPhone 5

I didn't think I would be buying this, but after seeing it I think I have to. As this tweet explains:

I have and will continue to delay refreshing my Macs to be able to get the latest iPhone. It’s the most important computer I have.September 12, 2012

I'm in the same boat. I would love a new Mac, but they don't have the one I really want yet, which is a Retina MacBook Pro 13". By far the iPhone is the most important computer I have, and it is something that goes everywhere with me. They have completely reinvented every aspect of it again. And there is no doubt that it was made for architects. Just look at that sexy, black monolith.

So what is it going to do better for architects?

  • Panoramic photos. We've been able to do this for a while, but now it's right in the camera app. This goes without saying, but since it's right there on the lock screen, it gets the most use. This is by far the best camera I've ever owned. I'm not talking about megapixels - i'm talking about ubiquity.
  • Maps. These look gorgeous and it's something I use every day. You have to get to the job site somehow.
  • Facetime over cellular. For those times when you need to show something to someone in the office when you're out on site. This is huge. If only AT&T didn't suck so much.
  • Photo sharing. The new way to share photos directly with other people is huge. It's like having your own social network, and this will be great for project photos amongst team members. They can all comment on them easily as well.
  • That screen. This is probably the most underrated piece of glass on the planet. Now with the touch sensors built right in, it's even crisper and has more contrast. This will be great for those times when you need to review a drawing in a pinch. It's really unbelievable how small text can be and still be readable. And it's so much better now that the screen is even bigger.

These are the things off the top of my head. The new iPhone ships on September 21st with preordering happening on September 14th.