Getting Uncomfortable, 2022 Edition

So much happened in 2021. What a year. Lots of both the good and of course the bad. That’s life.

I’ve often felt like when I have an uncomfortable feeling about something I should jump in and do it. From a personal growth perspective, it’s how one develops new neural pathways which eventually lead to the growth I’m hoping to achieve. Notice I didn’t say success. Often growth is going through the process of falling down, learning from the experience, and getting back up. My position is that I always want to be growing. So when I get that uncomfortable feeling, I need to just do it—even though my brain is often screaming RUN!

As I reflect on my movement throughout the last year and think about where things are headed, I am optimistic even though some of it has been really difficult. Net positive is a good thing.

Some milestones: I left my previous job after a long time and started a new chapter with Tect. I continued talking to amazing people who are telling the stories of passion and possibility in the AEC industry on my TRXL podcast (40 episodes in 2021!). And the Archispeak podcast is going into our 10th year (47 episodes in 2021!). On the video side, I started the TRXL MTB YouTube channel a year ago to publish videos from my mountain biking adventures. 13 videos were posted over the course of the year. I’d love to make more, but I’d also love to ride more… Riding > editing.

I couldn’t be more grateful for my colleagues, my co-host Cormac, and all the guests who have joined me to record our conversations for the benefit of others to hear.

From the outside looking in, you may get the sense that everything is under control. But from the inside looking out, I’m more uncomfortable than ever… which is by design I guess?

Here’s to real, uncomfortable growth in 2022.

You can listen to similar thoughts I have on this topic in my first solo episode of TRXL that I released in November 2021 here.