🗞️ AEC/tech Newsletter #5

The TRXL podcast is returning next week along with some other fun announcements. Until then, here’s what’s happening in our real-time watch of the co-evolution of architecture, tech, and adjacent areas.

  • Kia automaker embraces ‘design ethos’ with the debut of their new EV
  • GPT-4 can turn a picture of a napkin sketch into a fully functioning website
  • Lumion 2023 is out and it’s been completely rebuilt
  • Vectorworks (?!) integrates with NVIDIA’s Omniverse
  • Images from Midjourney V5 are beginning to show up in social media

The latest TRXL podcast episode

Replay – ‘A Growth Mindset’, with Ellen Bensky — TRXL
In this special replay episode, Ellen Bensky of Turner Fleischer Architects joins the podcast to talk about how she and her team built a teaching organization and a learning culture, their experience in how that effectively works within the construct of a firm, the benefits that result when a firm d