LookX: an idea generator for architecture

Tim Fu of Zaha Hadid Architects recently posted about LookX:

We architects have been yearning for a dedicated AI platform for refined control and industry-oriented outputs. I can finally say, the first contender to the scene is here: LookX

According to Fu, it’s been trained on architectural data as opposed to tools like MidJourney that have been trained on all imagery found on the internet.

Particularly interesting to me are the photo-real renders based on photos of rough study models or crumpled paper. Dezeen did a story on Tim’s experiments that are worth checking out to get an idea of how he’s using it.

Here’s the direct link to LookX where you can see output examples and the prompts used to source them for free. In Tim’s LinkedIn post there’s a 20% off code you can use when signing up if you’d like to give the service a try for yourself.