Enscape for Mac now works with Rhino v8

Enscape for Mac now works with Rhino v8
A basic Enscape render of a Rhino model.

Some updates have worked their way through the development cycle and Enscape for Mac (in their latest “preview” release—link below) now works with Rhino v8 for Mac. Both companies had some work to do to make this happen and a lot of users have been in the forums patiently waiting with baited breath (this is the nice way to put it).

It’s another great sign for us often forgotten-in-AEC Mac users who are used to using high performance, quality AEC design tools running on high performance, quality hardware. While Rhino 8 for Mac works with either Intel or Apple’s processors (see here), Enscape for Mac only supports Apple’s processors (see here).

Rhino 8 screenshot in showing their beautiful new ’Monochrome’ display type.

I’ve been doing some testing of Enscape in the newly released Rhino v8 (which has also undergone a major overhaul for Apple Silicon-based machines) and it is decently fast on my 2020 M1 MacBook Pro with only 8 graphics cores, which is a great indication of even higher performance on M2 and M3 Macs.

  • Learn more about Enscape for Mac and try it out here.
  • See the Rhino forum post here.
  • Get the Enscape preview for Rhino 8 here.

If you’re interested in getting Rhino 8 as a new license or an upgrade from a previous version (actually any previous version!), I’d recommend doing it before the end of February because there’s a fantastic discount being offered until then ($200 off). And if you do, I recommend getting it from my friends at ArchVision and use code TRXL at checkout – they sell both Rhino and Enscape.

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