Confluence podcast S1E6

Confluence podcast S1E6

In this episode, Samaneh Zolfagharian, Ph.D. joins Randall Stevens and me in a comprehensive overview of AI governance and ethics in the AEC industry.

Sam is the CTO at YegaTech and is an AEC Data & AI Strategy Consultant.

Today we explore various aspects of AI governance and ethics in the AEC industry including:

  • the definition and importance of AI governance
  • the ethical principles that should be considered in AI governance, emphasizing the significance of fairness, transparency, and accountability
  • the role of AI governance in the AEC industry
  • the importance of implementing measures to minimize the risks associated with AI in AEC
  • the best approach for establishing AI governance

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Confluence S1E6 - AI Governance and Ethics in AEC
In this episode, hosts Randall Stevens and Evan Troxel are joined by special guest Sam Zolfagharian, Ph.D. in a comprehensive overview of AI (Artificial Inte…

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