Confluence podcast S1E12

Confluence podcast S1E12

The Evolution of TonicDM

Reg Prentice, founder of TonicDM, joins Randall Stevens to discuss the development and evolution of Tonic. Tonic is a cloud-based solution for smart, simple project information management (PIM).

Reg shares his journey from working with Frank Gehry and dabbling in amateur coding, to developing a project management web app called iShare at Gehry's office, which laid the groundwork for TonicDM.

The conversation touches on early experiences with software development, the principles of keeping technology simple and intuitive, and the importance of user feedback in shaping software features.

Reg and Randall get into the features and philosophies driving TonicDM, focusing on ease of use, automation, and the significance of supporting a customer's needs without unnecessary complexities. Additionally, they explore the backend aspects of software development, such as data import facilitation for new customers, data residency preferences, and the future directions TonicDM is heading towards in response to evolving market demands.

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Confluence S1E12 - The Evolution of TonicDM
In this Confluence podcast episode, host Randall Stephens talks with Reg Prentice from TonicDM to discuss the development and evolution of architectural, eng…

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