Concert's new productivity features

Concert has highlighted several new team productivity features on their platform. Broadly they include improved collaboration and task management, new visualization tools, and a new intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

More specifically the features are aimed at file distribution, decision making via collaboration, delivering real-time insights, permissions and role-based functions, and more.

If you haven't heard of Concert, they have built a platform that optimizes digital project collaboration and delivery by bringing trusted data exchange to the entire team on AEC projects with blockchain-backed technology for verifiable proof-of-authorship.


Concert was created to provide the robust data record necessary in today’s digital design and construction ecosystem. Our new features leverage that core value – a persistent record of the design and construction process – to create a persistent record of the decision process.

Features that leverage a core value to deliver on that core value… who would’ve thought?

A bit more on their platform that fills the void of a critical—yet traditionally absent—piece of AEC infrastructure:

In the realm of design and construction, real-time sharing and decision-making are the foundational pillars of productivity. Surprisingly, until now, no mechanism has adequately addressed this crucial need. With Concert at the forefront, the industry can confidently stride into the future, equipped with the essential tool that enhances communication and propels projects to new heights of productivity. Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of Concert and unlock a world of possibilities in the design and construction journey.

Read more about what Concert is up to here.

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