Yours truly on BIM Pure Live

I had the pleasure of being on Nicolas Catellier's BIM Pure Live YouTube show. We talked about my experience implementing a digital practice in a large architecture firm, AEC tech and industry leaders on the TRXL podcast, my other podcasts, and thoughts about trends (like AI of course) in the industry.

I've included links to everything we talked about in the episode at the bottom of this page.

Nicolas does an incredible job hosting and running the show in real time, and I had a great time being on the other side of the mic.

Topics we covered:

  • Chatting about Autodesk University (AU) 2023
  • My start as a podcaster
  • TRXL vs Archispeak
  • What is a director of digital practice?
  • Strategies to improve digital practice
  • Roles in digital practice 
  • How to implement digital practice
  • More about roles in digital practice
  • Where is the AEC industry going?
  • Thoughts about AI in the AEC industry
  • Sustainability as part of digital practice
  • Thoughts about the future of the profession

And in case you missed it, be sure to check out Nicolas’ recent appearance on the TRXL podcast.

139: ‘The Importance of Knowledge Sharing’, with Nicolas Catellier
A conversation with Nicolas Catellier.

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