Architects' Institutes express concern around the use of AI in design

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the Australian Institute of Architects have each released guidance and policy requests to their respective governments emphasizing the need for caution and ethical considerations when using artificial intelligence (AI) in architecture according to a recent article published at Dezeen. In it they discuss the impact of AI on the architecture industry and the ethical concerns surrounding the use of it in design.


“As this technology evolves at a rapid pace and the landscape changes quickly, we are currently working with expert members and government to help formulate guidance and to advocate in the profession's best interests.”


“At AIA, we are constantly monitoring, tracking, and sharing the issues and technologies which help our members best serve their firms," said AIA chief executive Lakisha Ann Woods.
“There are elements of the work where AI can complement and increase efficiencies, however, when it comes to stability, reliability and functionality, you can't substitute the expertise of an architect.”

Australian Institute of Architects:

“Like many professions, the architecture profession is starting to grapple with the potential (and real) risks and rewards of using AI. Our members have expressed a mix of concern and excitement involving AI, both as it relates to the profession and in everyday life.”

Maybe the AI startups and tech giants can pause development while this all gets figured out. Yeah, that's how this works... like there's a big undo button out there.

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