✱ ARCAST 2020

✱ ARCAST 2020

Cormac and I recently got together with the hosts of three other architectural podcasts for the second annual ARCAST live event. Mark LePage of the EntreArchitect podcast, Lance Cayko and Alex Gore of Inside the Firm podcast, and Dimitrius Lynch of Spaces podcast reconvened with Archispeak to continue what we started at last year’s AIA Conference on Architecture. The only difference: this year it was virtual since the AIA canceled the conference due to Covid-19.

You can listen to last year’s two-part podcast series here and here.

To keep the annual momentum going and to have some fun meeting new people and seeing old friends during a time when we can’t really get together, ARCAST 2020 had many special guests joining in. The absolutely stellar line-up of guests included:

This year’s theme was the current and future state of the profession, and to say the least, there was a lot to talk about! It was an inspiring conversation, and I learned a lot from our guests about justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, modular housing, minority issues, licensure, technology, and more. I wanted to take this moment to once again thank them for their vulnerability, leadership, and their generosity of time, experiences, and ideas that were shared during the live stream to a wide audience. We need more architects to be open with having these long-form conversations and not just posting snippets to Twitter and other social media where discourse is much more difficult. I believe these conversations are the only way we are going to work through issues, share stories, and reach deeper levels of understanding of what we are all trying to navigate on a daily basis to make our profession one that is worthy of surviving.

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