🚀 Announcing TRXL+

I'm thrilled today to announce what’s next with TRXL. Don't miss the special, limited-time launch offer further down the page 👇

🌐 New website for TRXL

  • Self explanatory... As they say, you are here.
  • Things will fill out as we settle in, and some old links might be broken for a bit  but it will all gel in time. This site is a conglomeration of many past blogs and websites so the archive goes way back. It turns out I've been doing this for a very long time. Kick the tires and have a look around!

🗞️ TRXL AEC/tech Newsletter

  • I’m now publishing a TRXL AEC/tech email newsletter about once a week, and at this point I’ve published 5 of them to get in the groove.
  • Why do a newsletter? To share more granular industry news that adds to the context of the podcast episodes. While the episodes are a more timeless resource, the topics aren’t about the latest news—they go much deeper. The newsletter helps fill out the spectrum of AEC and tech from my perspective.
  • Check it out, I think you’ll like it. It’s your very own shortcut to the things worth paying attention to as we track the co-evolution of AEC and technology.

💸 Podcast and Newsletter Sponsorships

  • TRXL is once again an independent podcast. I’ve built a small team to produce the show, and with the changes to the business I have to find ways to make it work.
  • Ad-based sponsorships, which you’re already familiar with on the show, are something I’m now solely responsible for. So if you’re a brand or company who has a product or service worth putting in front of this lovely, loyal and dedicated audience of AEC industry professionals, I invite you to learn more and get in touch with me by visiting the sponsor page.

💳 TRXL+ Memberships

  • I now have the technology in place to invite you to directly support what I’m doing here. By offering membership, it’s my hope that you see the value of this endeavor and that you will directly support what I am doing here.
  • Members receive some nice perks, and one of the biggest benefits is that member-supported content is ad-free. I think this makes the most sense for those willing to directly contribute to help me accomplish what I’ve set out to do.
  • You’ll get your own private feed of ad-free TRXL+ podcast episodes and an ad-free version of the newsletter, with additional member-only content over time.

🚀 Special launch offer

Good only for the next month, here's a special offer for you early adopters. It’s a pretty nice discount that is applied to the first payment for yearly supporters. Don't miss out!

The goal is for the TRXL podcast and newsletter to add value not only to our industry but also to you and your career, and I hope in return you can help me do that and more by becoming a member.

I value your time and attention, and I thank you for both. I do this proudly for you.

🚀 Onward!