🗞️ AEC/tech Newsletter #24

👋🏼 Hi there! The AEC/tech Newsletter supplements the TRXL Podcast to fill in the details of what’s happening in the AEC/tech landscape. Happy reading.

The end of the year is always a packed schedule. Even with the Confluence event, Autodesk University, and Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, it still feels like it’s not letting up. Just this past week I posted 3 podcast episodes, recorded 2 new episodes (one for TRXL and one for Archispeak), and was a guest on 2 more—one was a live broadcast and the other isn’t being released until February. Needless to say, TRXL HQ is staying productive.

For the newsletter this week I’m including links to recent episodes that have been posted for a couple of reasons:

  1. I want to make sure you don’t miss them (if you’re not subscribed or maybe missed the email).
  2. To create awareness my other shows in case you haven’t heard of them.

And if you missed my note last week, I’m now independent. Sponsorships, partnerships, and paid memberships (currently 20% off!) are how I am able to continue doing this work. Maybe you’re a free member here. I appreciate that! By continuing to listen to the ad-supported episodes and newsletter you are a supporter.

Finally, I hope you are doing well, that you are getting value from TRXL, and if you’re not subscribed or a member, that you’ll consider doing that. Let me know how I’m doing by sending me an email.

Podcast episodes you'll like:

TRXL 138: ‘The Opposite of Garbage-In, Garbage-Out’, with Marty Rozmanith

Marty Rozmanith discusses his 30 year journey in the AEC tech industry. We delve into the interesting path that led Marty to his current position and the challenges he aims to solve in the industry through his latest venture, Skema. Get the episode here.

TRXL 139: ‘The Importance of Knowledge Sharing’, with Nicolas Catellier

Nicolas Catellier of BIM Pure talks about transitioning from working on projects as an architect and BIM manager to becoming a BIM consultant and content creator. He shares insights on content creation, specializing in BIM, and sharing knowledge in the AEC industry. Get the episode here.

Archispeak 316: ‘Designing Your Career’, with David Bradley

David Bradley, AIA PCC joins Cormac and I to discuss taking control of your career. We talk about defining outcomes, taking responsibility, setting boundaries, building trust, and the importance of small steps, accountability, and a clear plan to achieve goals. Get the episode here.

Confluence S1E5: Looking Forward with AI in AEC

Adam Chernick from Amazon Web Services (AWS) discusses the potential of AI in AEC on the Confluence podcast. We also explore the opportunities for the AEC industry to enhance productivity and create immersive experiences with AI. Get the episode here.

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