🗞️ AEC/tech Newsletter #22

👋🏼 Hi there! The AEC/tech Newsletter supplements the TRXL Podcast to fill in the details of what’s happening in the AEC/tech landscape. Happy reading.

This week's articles:

Morpholio’s Trace iPad app updated with RoomPlan

Morpholio has updated its Trace app for iPad to integrate with Apple's RoomPlan, allowing designers to scan and sketch ideas directly on a digital model. Read more.

Enscape for Mac released

Enscape for Mac is now available and compatible with Archicad, SketchUp, and Vectorworks with support for Rhino coming in the (near?) future. Read more.

Thoughts and Observations on This Year’s Confluence Event

I was fortunate to attend this year’s Confluence AEC/tech event in Lexington, Kentucky. It’s a unique and intimate gathering of about 50 people from the AEC industry both on the tech developer side and from practice. Read more.

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