Your Shit, My Stuff, Goldilocks, and Making the Bed You Sleep In




A couple days ago a I wrote a lot about my digital setup. It went over well, and seemed to be useful for a whole set of folks. I’m thankful for that, but I felt compelled to take a bit of time to dictate a few of the reasons why I’ve pared down and simplified not just my setup, but my whole relationship to things. (Aside: This bit from George Carlin is required viewing.)
My whole digital setup is the result of thinking about this “stuff” relationship too much, then backing up a bit to a longer view to start looking for patterns. I found a few ideas, and I wondered how those ideas could trickle down into how I worked from day to day. I’m not writing these things to encourage all of us to go out and tinker our workflows (really, we should just shut up about it and just get to work), but rather to surface some different ways of thinking about our stuff, work related or not.
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