HMC Digital Practice Tech Talk - Live Model Workflow

This is an overview of a recent workflow our HMC Digital Practice team has developed for moving project geometry between Rhino, Revit, and Unreal. What's different now is that the geometry is live the whole time, while continuing to be native to each application. Because we all know the design changes at all phases of a project.

It's still a work in progress, but we thought we'd show it off because it has the potential to become the standard digital design interoperability procedure for architectural professionals moving forward.

In this live demo, we show how multiple members of the design team, while working in different applications, can work in parallel. Compared to standard workflows where each phase is completed sequentially, this process allows each team member continuous access to the latest design geometry and materials.

We used Rhino v7 WIP, Rhino.inside (thanks McNeel!), Revit 2019, Datasmith, and Unreal in this presentation. It was presented to HMC staff via Spaces by Pureweb.

This HMC Architects Digital Practice Tech Talk is presented by:

  • Evan Troxel, Director of Digital Practice
  • Noah Kelly, Design Technology Manager
  • Fransisco Penaloza, Senior Visualization Artist