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1. Storms

"Landscapes are living eco systems and environments. They have existed well before, and will hopefully be here way beyond the time we are here. When taking photographs, time and space seem hard for me to measure. Whenever I shoot a ‘quality’ image, I know it. At those moments things are quiet, seem simple again – and I obtain a respect and reverence for the world that is hard to communicate through words. For me those moments happen when the exterior environment and my interior world combine. Hopefully the images presented help communicate what is visualized during those times."

2. 100 Behind the Scenes Photos from 2001 A Space Odyssey

3. How To Be A Design Boss Without Losing Your Soul

"That method--working until you’re happy with the results--doesn’t fly when you’re reviewing someone else’s work. You can’t just glance at a designer’s work and give vague feedback; it’s extremely frustrating (you’ve had clients who’ve done that too, I’m sure). In the role of art director, I’m also not going to get hands-on with someone else’s design. So if you aren’t going to get hands-on, and you can’t “work until it feels right," what do you do?"

4. Johnny Cash, Eighties Man

"Johnny Cash has been rehabilitated before. There were the stints in actual rehab programs during his life, for drinking and drugs. There was spiritual rehabilitation, occasioned by his marriage, in 1968, to June Carter, an event and idea fixed in recent cultural history by the movie “Walk the Line.” And there have been several musical rehabilitations, most vitally in the series of American Recordings albums that returned Cash to critical and commercial success in the last two decades of his life, recorded under the firm-handed guidance of the producer Rick Rubin. Now, another attempt at musical rehab is underway with the release of a collection of lost songs, most of which were recorded in 1984 and have been assembled under the title “Out Among the Stars.” Johnny Cash’s son, John Carter Cash, is trying to redeem his father’s lost decade."

5. Field Notes: The “Shelterwood” Edition for Spring 2014