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1. The Virtual Genius of Oculus Rift

Like flying cars and robot butlers, VR is one of those revolutions that went from wow to lame without ever actually materializing in between. Two years later, the Oculus Rift—the dorky name is a point of nerd pride—still doesn’t look particularly futuristic. It looks like a pair of chunky ski goggles with opaque black plastic where the lenses should be. Time will tell whether it’s a gateway to a new virtual frontier, but one thing is clear already: you look weird wearing it. But put it on anyway— ...Oculus Rift is different. It’s not what you expect.

2. Abandoned Paris Metro Stations Reimagined

This project aims to bring back to life these ghost stations by giving them a new purpose. At a time when New-York is talking about the 'Lowline', why couldn't Paris profit from its underground potential and invent new functions for these abandoned places?

3. Always. Be. Knolling.

You've probably seen instances of knolling without knowing there was a word for it.
And be sure not to miss Knolling.org.

4. Beauty of Mathematics

"Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty — a beauty cold and austere, without the gorgeous trappings of painting or music."
— Bertrand Russell

5. The Making of Neon Signs