Link: So You Wanna Call Yourself an Architect?

I was honored to be a guest panelist on David Doucette's ARE Podcast and the topic of discussion was, once again, centered around the use of the word "Architect" (of which I am legally not, but if you work in the software industry go ahead and feel free to use it) as an official title. Fine by me.

Click here to listen and/or watch the video.


The show description:


We also discussed this very topic on Archispeak in Episode 21, and Jared Banks has a great article that came out on his blog just this week discussing the very same thing. I guess it's just that time of year.

Also, for those of you who really want to become architects, I highly recommend David's materials over at Architect Exam Prep.

*Remind me that I need a new background. Geez.