✱ My New Website

Designers gotta design. This has been months in the making (and it's still not done). But here it is; I had to flip the switch. I'm very proud of the new site and I think it's much more inline with showing you who I am, what I do, and why I do it.

Here are some fun facts:

Portfolio /

The new site is much more of a portfolio. I deal mostly with imagery, but my site had very little of it. Now it's center-stage, and I'm loving it. Why did it take so long? Because it's a ton of work. Click on the +Projects section in the top navigation.

Typeface /

Futura is the lead. <Pause for effect>. Proxima Nova makes up the body text, and Museo Sans is used for the tagline.

Yes, I am a typeface snob. Thanks Adobe Typekit.

Speaking of the header, notice how it changes from black to white depending on the background image on the homepage. And also notice the subtle darkening of the background image as you go up to the navigation. Subtle and NICE.

Branding /

The name of the site has been TRXL for a little while, but now it's much more noticeable. I love the letter 'X' and that's why I made a stylized version of it for my favicon. Also, you can now get to my site via TRXL.co because I can't stop buying domain names and it's faster to type.

Responsive design /

The site works great on mobile devices. See for yourself.

Flat design /

Call it a phase, but it looks sharp. No more drop shadows, no more textures.

Coming soon /

I'm working on a few fun things to add to the site soon including a Design / 2d category and a page all about my band System Kid including the audio files. Oh yeah, there's video coming too.