✱ New York & Philadelphia


I recently went on a business trip to the east coast with my friend and colleague Mark and had a few chances to get out and make some photos. In NYC I had my first opportunity to visit the High Line on a perfect day with my architecturally-savvy friend Mark LePage (a different Mark) who drove down from upstate to meet us. After walking the entire thing, we got a ride from him down to the 9/11 Memorial. We said our goodbyes and jumped out of the car at a stoplight in true New York fashion. It was an amazing and truly appropriate experience - the designers have made a very special place.

After a couple of days learning about Lutron lighting and window shades in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, we went into Philadelphia. There is so much to see coming from the west coast, I could walk both of those cities for days. Needless to say we only had a few hours.

Here are my favorite photos and scenes from the trip.