Archispeak #3 - An Architect's Library

A new episode of Archispeak, that podcast I do, is now up on the website and iTunes. It was a fun show, and I'm happy with our three-show streak. I'm a fan of not merely saying yes to things - it's either hell yeah! or no. This podcast was a hell-yeah for me, and for my co-hosts too. Either commit to doing something because it excites you, or don't do it at all. I hope you like it.

In this episode, we share what's on our architectural library shelves. Cormac dug through his basement and found a treasure-trove of these ancient relics we call books, Neal talks about the great content in Graphic Standards and his love of comic books, and Evan talks about how these resources are just some of the necessary tools everyone who calls themselves an architect should have.

Join in the conversation and post a pic of your architectural library to twitter using the has tag #architectslibrary and follow us @archispk as well.