BMW's Design Lead Talks... Design

This video makes me think about my red '73 BMW 2002 roundie that I sold a few years ago to buy an '87 911 Targa. Beyond the reminiscing, this is a very nicely done video of Karim Habib, the chief of design at BMW, telling us about his passion.

Karim Habib:

To achieve that extra level... That soul or depth... There is, behind the object, a certain school of thought if you will, and that school of thought is in many ways the combination of function and aesthetics, or the combination of function and emotions, and that... maybe... is what design's all about.

Two things surprised me in this video:

  1. The International Design Museum Archive uses particle board shelving to support those enormously heavy tube TV's.
  2. Habib sketches with a Bic ballpoint pen. There's just no way. It must have been the only pen around when the director said "Hey Karim, we should get a shot of you doing your "design thing.""

Via @jnack on twitter.