Link: Archispeak Podcast Profiled on A/E Graphics Blog

Tom Taubenheim over at the A/E Graphics blog asks, "The construction industry is competitive, are you taking advantage of the free help and information available on the internet?"

Audio shows or podcasts can help you stay informed while you workout or drive to the jobsite. Audio podcasts cover all kinds of topics and can you can listen to them while doing other things. This is not true of written media or video.

This is exactly why we started the podcast. You can say so much more in a podcast, yet never say enough.

In 2013 three new shows about architecture and the construction industry debuted. Create Buildings Better, Entrepreneur Architect, and Archispeak give you a look at the world of architecture, each from a different perspective. The Construction Industry Podcast has been around for years and concentrates on interviews, tips and trends for the construction sector.

I'm always surprised who our listeners are. Thanks for the write-up Tom!

You can learn more about the Archispeak podcast here.