✱ Dreaming by Day

I dream by day, because I can't remember my dreams at night.

It's rare that I ever remember my dreams I have when I sleep. I've been thinking about this lately, and have come to realize that I live a double life where there are two halves of myself that seemingly have no connection with each other. I wonder if sleeping-me takes more from awake-me or if it's the other way around when constructing the two realities.

Other people remember everything they dream about at night. I know because they tell me. I wonder what that's like. Yes, every once in a while I remember a snippet here and there. But it fades away quickly. By the next hour after I've woken up, it's gone. It's like sleeping-me is pulling the scenes back into darkness with a tug-of-war rope with more force on its end.

I made a decision to do the meaningful dreaming when I'm awake. Kids are told to focus on the facts and color inside the lines. That's some harmful shit. Our world needs creative solutions to real, heavy problems. We should connect more with people's hearts and less with their minds; more with important experiences and less with the almighty dollar. You should join me. Stop listening to that voice in the back of your head that tells you just to get by. Stop listening to it tell you that these problems are someone else's. Pick one and own it.

If you ever ask me what I dreamt about, I couldn't answer you. Maybe sleeping-me could write a blog. Maybe he is. I should do a search.