Apple has named 'Paper' iPad App of the Year

Apple has named Paper iPad App of the Year. We’re incredibly honored (and a few of us on the team are still scraping our jaws off the floor). We’re lucky to spend our days working on something we love and believe in, and to see creators around the world using Paper to achieve goals of their own.

I have a metric truck-full of drawing apps on my iPad, and I absolutely love Paper. It's the main one I keep coming back to because of the natural brushes and drawing tools it emulates are beautiful to look at. I'm no digital painting expert, but as long as it makes the creation of drawings on the iPad fun, I'll continue to use it.

The app itself is free and has a bunch on in-app purchases to add on the other tools. All-in, I think it set me back about $10, which if you think about it, is cheap. Yes, I said cheap you cheap-o free or 99 cent-spending-limit app buyer!

Here's a concept sketch I made of my wedding invitation earlier this year when I first started using Paper:

Zion topographic wedding invitation concept

Zion topographic wedding invitation concept