108: ‘Systematization Before Automation’, with Oliver David (OD) Krieg

A conversation with OD Krieg.

Oliver David (OD) Krieg of Intelligent City joins the podcast to talk about topics at the intersection of computational design, robotic fabrication, and turn-key urban housing as a product. We begin with OD’s journey from school at ICD in Germany to where he is currently at Intelligent City, the value and benefits of bottom-up as opposed to top-down initiatives, moving away from project thinking to a product company, navigating risk versus reward in manufacturing, design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) and industrialized construction, prefab in relation to mass timber highrise, density, housing, sustainability, and carbon neutrality, where parametric design fits into the process, the definition of parametric manufacturing and mass customization, what it’s like building an industry from scratch, building architecture on top of tech in relation to a tech-first company (versus a project-first or architecture-first company), and why systematization must occur before automation.

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