✱ FormZ Fundamentals Video Course Preview by Evan Troxel

Next week I'm launching a new video course on the Method website. I've been working on it for the last 3 months and am happy it's almost here!

Leading up to the launch, I'll be previewing a small video section of the course each day. Each video will be about 5 minutes long, so I have socially engineered them to be the perfect distraction.

I won't post the updates here on this site each day, so be sure to check it out and then go back each day to see a new section of the course as they are revealed. Of course you can follow along on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook as well if that's your thing.

Click here to start the preview

Archispeak #9 - Everything is Digital by Evan Troxel

The latest show is a good one: 

In this episode Archispeak discusses the all things digital. Evan explains the design and 3D printing process for what has become our logo. We also explore how to be a better architect / designer and the tools available to do it.

There's even a previously unreleased song by my old band System Kid at the end. It's worth it.