✱ Evolution of a Design by Evan Troxel

Sometimes the evolution of a particular design seems to have a mind of its own. Here is a recent example of a project I've been working on that has had many schemes and changes in a very short period of time due to a number of factors. Some changes were made by us, some by a developer, and some by his client. You never know where your constraints are going to come from, or whose opinion will end up shaping the design of a building.

I find it's important to document the process of architecture so we can trace why decisions were made and why we decided to change things. This slideshow shows the design process I've been through over the last few weeks on this particular project.

Visit the slideshow for a breakdown of the process so far.

12% of IKEA Catalog Pages are 3d Renderings? by Evan Troxel

I had no idea. This makes me sad. Not that they are rendered, but that I couldn't figure it out. I've been doing 3d renderings for a long time and I this just shows how good these artists are. It's kinda like watching the Social Network (Facebook) movie with the Winkelvoss twins - I had no idea they were two different actors playing those parts either.

"It's a clever way to save money," Anneli Sjogren, head of photography at IKEA, said during a recent interview at the company's sprawling photo studio in this sleepy southern town. "We don't have to throw away kitchens in the Dumpster after the photo shoot."