✱ Digital Landscapes by Evan Troxel

This is small collection of digitally designed landscapes that I've made. So far, all of these were rendered completely in 3d with FormZ and Maxwell Render, and I've written more about them here, here, and here. Post processing/compositing (yes, always) was done in Photoshop and Pixelmator.

Click/tap an image for a full screen slideshow.

Link: Methodcast Quickie #11 by Evan Troxel

I made a new video tutorial on Method for architectural designers using formZ and Maxwell Render, and this time it has to do with rendering a material ID layer to make post production color adjustments way easier. Spend a few minutes watching this now and save yourself hours of time in the future.

✱ Desolation by Evan Troxel

I've posted a series of images I made into a gallery here on the site. These wall hangings were ultimately printed 10 feet long, so it was a technical challenge to render so large. I used Maxwell Render to get the final output because it will just keep rendering until you're happy with the results.

It was a fun project, both technically and compositionally. Some post-processing was achieved using an app called Flare on the Mac.  

Click on the image below to see the series.