Where the Trail Ends - World Premier Mountain Bike Movie is Online by Evan Troxel

"Where The Trail Ends" promises to be the most groundbreaking mountain bike film to date setting a new standard in action sports cinematography. Documenting Specialized Rider Darren Berrecloth and others as they conquer the most extreme terrain ever to be ridden.

This is the latest Red Bull Media House film that follows the world's top freedride mountain bikers around the world as they search for unridden terrain. I watched the premier last night over Airplay on my AppleTV so I could see it on the big screen.

It's pretty great to see these guys doing what extreme snowboarders have been doing for years. They go to places that have never been ridden before, like China, and have helicopters at their disposal to drop them off on top of untouched slopes. Then they point the bike downhill and hang on, bombing down what I can only imagine as the scariest shit imaginable. Dirt and rocks hurt more than snow.

The movie should be up until late tonight so watch it now if you can, or you can buy it on iTunes.