maxwell grass preset pack

✱ My Maxwell Grass Preset Pack is now available for SketchUp by Evan Troxel

I am SO proud to announce that my grass presets are now available for SketchUp users who render with Maxwell! This is something that you'll only find on Method, and I'm excited to be offering it up for you architects and designers to make your life easier. 

When I first started using the grass extension, I was just making these presets for my own use. I spent hundreds of hours creating and tweaking these presets and materials over the last year. Then I thought about how many other designers could probably use it too. So I bundled it all together and even made some videos to teach you how to use it.

I hope you love using it as much as I've had creating it. I'm sure it'll help take your skills and renderings to the next level.

Check it out on Method and get grass!

✱ Launching My First Product by Evan Troxel

OK so this has been a huge undertaking over the last year that I'm sure I'll write more about in the future. But now it's on! I'm so excited to release my very first product! 

I originally made this for me but quickly realized that I couldn't keep it to myself. It's a collection of hand-made presets that allow us architectural designers to have the ability to do some photo-realistic digital landscaping. It's super easy to use and the renderings have been looking amazing. I'm sure you've seen the ones I've posted on the site here lately. 

Anyway, I won't talk much more about it for a while, so please go check it out on the Method website where I explain everything. I'd love it if you would pass the link along to anyone who you think would benefit from the Preset Pack.