✱ On the Other End of the Microphone by Evan Troxel

I've been sharing on a couple of other podcasts lately. 

First, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Enoch Sears who is an architect and the publisher and founder of the Business of Architecture website and podcast. We talked about the Archispeak podcast, ARE Hacks, and lots of other fun stuff. It comes in two parts, and you can listen to them or view them here:

Part 1 - Behind the Scenes of the Archispeak Podcast: Intervew with Evan Troxel
Part 2 - Passing the Architect Registration Exam: ARE Hacks with Evan Troxel

I was also interviewed on the Entrepreneur Architect podcast by Mark LePage where I discussed my origin story, my projects, my day job, and my book. This one was a lot of fun. Mark asks great questions. 

We got into some things my book reveals in a candid conversation:

It’s very easy to schedule a test and show up to take it, but the hard part is to prepare: diet, nutrition, how to deal with distractions, learning to study, choosing to study with others or without, how to study around your family, etc. It’s less about hacking the ARE and more hacking your life.

Listen to episode 135 of the EntreArchitect Podcast here.

Novedge Interviewed Me by Evan Troxel

Featured on Novedge.png

Novedge is an online reseller and resource for digital designers that specialize in tools for designing the future. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Aurora Meneghello for their blog. I talked about what I do in my profession, my photography, my videos on my digital training website, why I podcast, and some thoughts about being an educator among other things.

There are lots of other great articles on their blog too, so spend some time there checking it out. I particularly like the one about Marica McKeel's architectural practice and the article on Matthew Shlian on how he uses digital tools to make his amazing folded paper projects.