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ARE Hacks on the EntreArchitect Podcast by Evan Troxel

I had the pleasure of being on Mark R. LePage's EntreArchitect Podcast to talk about my book ARE Hacks, my origin story, and many other things. Mark is so great to talk to, and I truly appreciate his hospitality and thank him for allowing me to talk to him and his listeners. As usual, Mark was a class-act (and his show notes are amazing).

There was a good discussion about the book itself, why I wrote it, and why hacking your life (and the ARE) to become an architect is worth it. 

You can listen here.


Link: 25 Architects You Should Follow on Twitter by Evan Troxel

I'm honored to be included on my friend Mark LePage's list of 25 architects to follow on Twitter. For those of you not in the know, Mark started Entrepreneur Architect and his mission is to help architects build better businesses. He and I (and another Mark) met up last spring in New York City and walked the High Line together. It was a first for all of us, and it was a very special place. We had a hot coffee, talked about all things architecture as well as plenty of other stuff as we walked along the elevated park. I can't wait to get back and hang out again. You can see my photography from the trip here. I love these photos.

The reason I'm posting a link to his list, although seemingly self-serving, is that the other 24 people are all worth your attention. There are some new ones to me on the list as well, and I can't stress enough how friendly and supportive the people I know on it have been to me and my career. I even started a podcast about architecture with two of them.

Mark sums the Twitter thing up really well:

If you haven’t yet participated on Twitter, I recommend you give it a try. It’s difficult to explain the interest gained by these many short interactions. Small firm architects benefit from camaraderie and support offered by others in similar positions. Relationships are formed and friendships are forged.

Yay internet!