✱ Moving from Aperture to Lightroom by Evan Troxel

Today I'm starting to go through all of my thousands of photos (seriously - around 10,000 photos from this year alone) from 2012 for our annual year-in-review family slideshow video. Unfortunately, this needs to be done by tomorrow! 

This year also marks the year that I switched from Apple's Aperture to Adobe's Lightroom around June. I officially started using Lightroom when I bought my Olympus OM-D EM-5 because Adobe's RAW converters are just plain better, and it seems that Aperture development has stagnated. So I'm moving all of my photos from the beginning of the year over to Lightroom. If you've ever wanted to know how to do it, this is the guide I'm using.

So i'll be neck-deep in building previews, ratings, and keywords all day once I move all the files over. This takes a bit of time, but this is the reason I use this software. It makes this kind of thing fly by, especially when you make as many photos as I do.

I've also started posting some of my best on Flickr, and should have a nice gallery up with more photos soon.

✱ The Top 10 Flickr for iPhone Tips, My Flickr Photos by Evan Troxel

If you're looking for a great place to share your photos, take a(nother) look at Flickr. I'm going to try using it solely for the forseeable future due to the whole Facebook/Instagram brouhaha.

Here's a blog post on the Flickr site regarding their recently released iOS app that highlights 10 tips & tricks. It's a great app that I highly recommend. They're even giving away free pro accounts for 3 months if you sign in before the end of the year.

You can find me there, and you can see my latest 20 pics posted to my Flickr page right here on this site.